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We provide organizations and government bodies a seamless and Transparent way through our proprietary system to trace the every movement of an entire supply chain whilst ensuring the integrity of big data.

Core Features


Integration with major US based banks.


Integrations with major approved and accredited POS and ERP systems.

Highest level of KYC verification

With the highest level of KYC using facial recognition combined with biometrics, customer verification without a doubt.


10+ years of banking/payment development experience. We’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest banking customers.


Giving customers and merchants the flexibility to pay and receive payments conveniently through multiple payment methods. These include QR code, peer to peer and in App payments.

QR engine

Our platform is powered by QR code engine, we have the ability to trace every transaction from business to business to consumer which deters money laundering, flags unlicensed money transactions and assist law enforcement authorities of illegal activity.

Partner payout settlements

Whether you pay commissions or royalties through a single integration, we provide organisations with a fast, efficient and seamless way to distribute funds to payees simultaneously.

Track and trace

Our system is powered by QR code technology, allowing the verify products in the whole supply chain.

AI credit scoring

Combining human expertise and AI capabilities into a single intelligent cloud platform (IC) to solve the needs of consumers and SME credit risk scoring and modelling in real-time.

Who we are

We have a built a powerhouse platform that mitigates risk for banks, Government and financial institutions through our superior tracking features.

OT aims to align with the priorities of regulators whilst seamlessly integrating with Industry experts.

Customer due diligence is paramount to the Banking Services Act and One Tech’s ability to reconcile all sources of revenue (retail, wholesale) creates an unbreakable audit trail that meets these requirements.

The One Tech platform is the only Fintech solution that provides Federal and State regulators full transparency as it is complete and transcends business to business to consumer. It is therefore the Gold standard in respect to traceability.

What we do

We're trusted by clients

Access to banking

One of the biggest challenges in a high risk cash industry is not being able to access basic financial services. Our platform allows for full traceability of every transaction, giving businesses the ability to maintain their accounts.

Proven experience

Over 10+ years experience in the banking payment space.

QR Code Driven

We own the sole patent license to utilize the QR code technology particularly in the mobile payments space. The QR code is a powerful technology that allows a vast amount of information to be stored, provides a transparent footprint of every transaction allowing the state and federal governments to gain insights and market intelligence to better serve and influence policy decisions.

How It Works

We provide a power platform to push data to organisations with the highest level of security and reliability in order to achieve business outcomes seamlessly.

Our modular-built platform is highly customisable to suit different industries and business environments, equipping organisations with the applications to operate in highly regulated industries giving them a competitive advantage and the power to scale.

How it  works

The Team

Each member of our team is a specialist in his or her field. Together, we make sure you're receiving the most dedicated services with best quality.

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